SNFQAPI Overview


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How to Use SNFQAPI

Committees and Members

SNFQAPI starts with Committees and Members. When you subscribe to SNFQAPI, you will begin by assigning committee Chairpersons and Members for each category in the MEMBERS page. You will then have the option of automatically assigning indicators to Chairpersons and Members here, and anyone who is a Chairperson can manually assign indicators in the DASHBOARD.

SNFQAPI is the ideal Mock Survey and Medical Records Auditing tool. Below the MEMBERS section, we see SUPPORT SERVICES, which is where you will manage consultants who use SNFQAPI to perform those tasks, but who are not part of QAPI committees.



In the DASHBOARD, you will see the INDICATORS, and will be able to manually assign them to committee members. Indicators are the heart of QAPI; they are assigned to committee members to complete tasks that gather data about how your facility complies with regulations. Each indicator is based on the Interpretive Guidelines and regulations. Chairpersons can assign and schedule indicators here. In the Dashboard, you will also tell SNFQAPI the month of the last Survey, so staff can be aware of your facility’s survey window. You can manage all the categories on one page, or one category at a time using the menus and arrows at the top of the Dashboard.



The INDICATORS page is where committee members review their assigned indicators, and perform QAPI tasks. A member can view all the indicators assigned to them, or indicators in one category at a time.

Below is an example of an indicator, with a sampling of residents. The Committee Member will perform the task that’s indicated, and input the result as a YES or a NO for each resident (YES always means that your facility is in compliance with the regulation for the sampling in the indicator, and NO means you are not). You will see the SCOPE & SEVERITY grid change depending on the findings for the indicator. If an indicator is answered with a NO, it’s automatically scheduled for re-inspection the following month (the indicator will change to red in the dashboard, and show the Scope and Severity of the deficiency). We also have the opportunity to add notes in the FINDINGS field. SNFQAPI also has triggers built into applicable indicators, which automatically assign and schedule other related indicators when a deficient practice is found.

Indicators Red Indicator


In the Q-METRICS page, you can see how well your committees and members are doing in completing their assigned indicators. You are also able to click on a member to see all their assigned indicators, and click on the COMPLETED link to view or edit the actual indicator findings. If an indicator results in a NO answer, SNFQAPI generates a written CMS-2567 Plan of Corrections form for that regulation, which you will see here as a VIEW link. You will use the VIEW link in the CMS-2567 column to open the form so that any necessary customizations can be made, and then the form can be downloaded, printed and saved.

Compliance Main CMS2567

Written QAPI Plan

SNFQAPI also generates a written QAPI Plan for your facility based on your input. You can edit, download and print your written QAPI Plan here.


Facility Assessment

SNFQAPI also generates a written Facility Assessment, which can be filled in with information about your facility, and includes revisions saved within SNFQAPI. You can fill, edit, download and print your written Facility Assessment here.

Facility Assessment

Please contact us at (844) 763-7274 or to request a personal demonstration of SNFQAPI, or if you’d like more information. CLICK HERE if you are ready to subscribe to SNFQAPI now.


SNFQAPI is an All-in-One, ready-to-use QAPI solution. It is a set of tools that was built specifically to help SNFs comply with the new QAPI regulations, in a way that’s simple efficient to use and manage. The program is ready for you to begin using immediately after subscribing.

SNFQAPI includes additional features that bring value to the platform, and fit well with the QAPI management tools.

SNFQAPI integrates with most EHR systems via HL7 and / or MDS, so resident data is updated in real-time, and data entry into the program is minimal. EHR integration also unlocks some of the advanced analytics features.