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Support - Add Indicator

How do I assign an indicator to a specific category?

Select the category abbreviation from the first drop down under "ID". This will determine which category an indicator belongs in.

How do I place the indicator in the order of this category?

Under the "ID" column you can enter the location of where you want the indicator to display in a given category?

How do I assign a specific regulation to my indicator?

Select the correlating regulation, if there is one, from the drop down under the are titled "REG".

Does my custom indicator have to have a regulation?

No, your indicator doesn't have to be specific to a given regulation. You may leave it blank if needed.

Where do I put my title of the indicator?

Under the column labeled "Indicator" the first input field is where you will insert the name of the indicator.

Where do I write the description of what needs to be done for my new indicator?

Under the column labeled "Indicator" the second input field is where you will insert the description of the indicator.

What is the findings column for?

This is where you can specify any sort of automated message that auto-populates in an indicator when a member is filling it out and is finding non-compliant results.