CMS-2567 with Plan of Corrections


How to Create a Pre-Filled CMS-2567 with Plan of Corrections

SNFQAPI can quickly generate a custom CMS-2567 form, complete with Plan of Corrections. The automatically generated form can be customized to meet the individual needs of your facility. To create a completed Plan of Corrections, simply fail an indicator, and retrieve the CMS-2567 form from the Q-METRICS page.
Below are detailed, step-by-step instructions.

    Assign Indicators to Yourself

  1. Log into SNFQAPI, and click the DASHBOARD tab to show the indicators from all categories.

  2. Click Dashboard

  3. Locate the indicators for which you need a Plan of Corrections. If you know the Ftag or Regulation, SNFQAPI can quickly find indicators using the search field at the top of the dashboard.

  4. Users

  5. Use the drop-down menu to the right to assign indicators to yourself. Be sure to schedule the indicators for the current month.

  6. Assign Indicator

    Fail Indicators

  7. Under the INDICATORS tab, click VIEW ALL ASSIGNED.

  8. View All Assigned

  9. Enter the names in the SAMPLE fields that you want to appear on the CMS-2567 form when printed (if applicable for the indicator). For each indicator, click a square in the NO column to fail the indicator. If you do not see the desired indicators, make sure they are scheduled for the current month in the dashboard.

  10. Fail Indicator

    View the Completed CMS-2567 Form

  11. Under the COMPLIANCE tab, click Q-METRICS.

  12. Click Q-METRICS

  13. In the list that appears, click your first or last name.

  14. Click Your Name

  15. A list of this month’s indicators will appear at the bottom of the page. Indicators that have been failed display a VIEW link in the CMS-2567 column. Click VIEW to see the prepared CMS-2567, complete with Plan of Corrections.

  16. Click VIEW

  17. The completed CMS-2567 appears with options to PRINT and EDIT

  18. Edit POC

    Edit, Print and Save the completed CMS-2567

  19. The text in the PLAN OF CORRECTION field of the CMS-2567 form can then be edited to meet the specific needs of your facility. You can then print and / or save the completed form.
  20. The PRINT button generates a PDF which you can save to your computer and print

    Save PDF

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